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Help your baby sleep without sleep training with the plans below

  • Email Support 2 Week

    Valid for one month
    • - Intake Form Analysis
    • - Sleep Education Pertinent to Babies Age and Family Dynamic
    • - Email With Ideas on How to Optimize Sleep
    • - Sleep Plan to be Implemented based on Family's Goal
    • - 3 Follow Up Emails to Check Progress and Review Changes
  • Video Call Support

    2 weeks support for specific sleep challenges
    Valid for one month
    • - Intake Form Analysis
    • - 60 Minute Video Call to Discuss Intake Form
    • - Sleep Education and Normal Infant Sleep Handouts
    • - Sleep Plan to be implemented based on Family's goal
    • - 2 follow up emails to check progress & respond to any Q&A
    • - 60 minutes videocall to re-group after changes implemented
  • Phone Call Support

    Perfect for non urgent sleep challenges
    Valid for 7 days
    • - Mini Intake Form
    • - 60 Minute Sleep Education Call
    • - Sleep Tips and Solutions pertinent to Sleep Challenges
    • - Email Summarize of the Call
  • Extra Support Week

    If we worked together before and need extra support
    Valid for 7 days
    • - One Week of extra Support by email or message
    • - Review of Current Sleep Plan
    • - New Support Sleep Plan Adjusted with new Challenges
    • - Daily checkups to Review Progress
  • DM Support

    30 minutes of uninterrupted chat where you can ask me anything you need regarding sleep or parenting
    • - 30 minutes DM Chat
Sleep Packages: PaidPlans

Client Reviews

Sleep Packages: Testimonials

Coco was a thorough professional, very warm and kind. She ensured that we were at ease with sharing details with her. Followed up through regular check ins. She is a rockstar and an amazing human being. Love her and forever grateful to her!
She is perfect! Didn’t find any aspect that needed any improvement.


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